Knock Knock! The Best Hair Smoothening Treatment is at your Service


Your hair is one of the most prominent features In your appearance. One’s Hair texture depends on its proper care. Fusion salon brings you all the best hair texture changing treatments so that you never feel insecure about your prominent features.

Looking For Hair Texture Changing in Hisar?


We know that every one of us wants smooth and strong hair. Fusion Salon is here for you not just to make your hair smooth and strong but also to make them long-lasting. Our treatment is not a temporary one but a permanent solution for your beautiful hair texture.

We understand that every day could be a struggle for you to leave for work with your frizzy hair which is very difficult to untangle. Fusion Salon is the best spot for you to fix your dry, dense and messy hair. Get your smoothing done at fusion’s alone and enjoy the compliments as you go out into the world!


Fact for Fun


All our hair, fingernails, toenails and even our skin has a very important protein called Keratin. That is why Keratin smoothening is quite popular and suggested by many hairstylists. Professionals say that Keratin smoothening can solve all your frizzy hair problems once and for all. Make your mind and reach Fusion Salon now!

Difference between Straightening and Smoothening


Before moving further, we would like to clear to our customers that there is a good difference between straightening and smoothening. Straightening means hair that is 100% straight And looks unnatural whereas smoothing is somewhat 70 to 80% straightening and so it looks more natural on any person.

Benefits of Smoothening



●    Strengthening of Hair

Smoothening not only gives a beautiful texture to your hair but also makes it strong and tough. It fixes the problem of elasticity. This hairstyling salon in Hisar knows exactly how to get back the hair quality.


●    No More Frizzy or Crimped Hair

Smoothening ends your daily troubles of tangled hair. It ensures that your hair remains smooth and soft after every wash. Walk into Fusion Salon and get relieved from your crimped hair. In return get your hair more smooth, shiny, and soft.


●    No need to worry about Hair Colour

Smoothening intact your hair color and keep it the way it is. Therefore if you plan to get a hair color done, we recommend that you do it before the smoothening so that your color is sealed and retained in your hair, effectively. The cherry on the cake is that getting your hair color done before your smoothening will prevent the color from fading!


●    Prevention and Repairment

Now we all know that Smoothening does miracles to your hair in many ways. It protects your hair from any damage and keeps it smooth and shiny. You do not worry any further about frizziness or crimped hair. To top it up, Smoothening also repairs your hair which is likely to get damage as and when the season changes. It works in layers and ensures the deep oiling that all of our hair requires for proper growth.

Why should you choose us?


  • Fusion salon provides different types of smoothening treatments depending upon your hair texture. Our professional hairstylists will recommend you the best possible solution for your frizzy hair and proceed with the process.


  • After smoothening, we discourage hair straightening because it damages the structure of smoothening through heat. It can cause breakage and your hair may get frizzy again.


  • We ensure long-lasting hair texture through smoothening with absolutely no side effects. Hair texture changes straight to wavy and wavy to straight, whatever you wish!


  • If you’re looking for a hair texture salon in Hisar, You don’t need to look any further. We use the best of products which are recommended by hair specialists. Our team of professionals is highly trained and knows what is best for your hair.


  • You will get the best hair smoothening price in Hisar at Fusion salon. In addition, our professional hairstylists will suggest to you the steps which will ensure the long-lasting effect of smoothening. We want your hair to look as shiny and smooth as possible at the most reasonable prices.


So what are you waiting for? Time is precious and so is your hair!